The ECU TORQUE SYSTEM collects the signal from the ECU as it comes into it then sends it via a high speed processor the new signal that will control the injector. With a module we are not increasing fuel rail pressures at all they stay the same. We are mechanically through electronics controlling the injector as it was designed to be, This gives us a huge advantages over a chip. With the ECU TORQUE SYSTEM we can change injection timing, pulse width, pulse time, diesel delivery and so on giving the user genuine fuel savings and genuine safe power increases.

The ECU TORQUE SYSTEM is fully programmable which means that it can have programmes designed and built for your specific needs. It is also smart enough to carry four different programs in it. This opens a whole new world to the customer basically you have four modules in one. Customers can choose at will between an economy tune, a tow tune, a more aggressive tow tune and an all-out power tune.

The ECU TORQUE SYSTEM is designed to suit the new common rail diesel. Thats the sort of confidence that we all need on our cars.



The injector tips flow 30% more fuel then the factory 4JJ1 tips 
These are Torque Master injector tips made for the 4JJ1 and have been tested on many 4JJ1 3.0 with great results on factory or high performance Diesels 
These are a supply item only, we recommend a diesel shop to remove the old and put the new ones on for you or you may send us the injector and we can do it for you.


We also have a video on diesel smart youtube showing how to swap them at home or at a workshop

4JJ1 Ecu Torque System with In Cab Tuner

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