The Data tec Icon is a piggyback ecu for most commonrail diesel. Giving the tuner the ability to tune Injectors,rail and boost with muti progams. 


All cars must be done at local dealer. This product is not plug n play


  • Support common rail diesel engines
  • 3 operating modes (2 main modes and AI mode)
  • Fine-tuning the fuel delivery according to the accelerator pedal
  • Common rail pressure tuning
  • Tuning of  Boost pressure 
  • AI mode studies driving behavior and calculates To adjust the fuel supply
    And the common pressure To be appropriate according to the driving situation
    To achieve both economies, responses and increased horsepower appropriately
  • Connect to your mobile phone
  • Adjustment, compensation, increase - reduce the rate of fuel delivery via mobile application.
  • GPS speed display
  • Boost gauge
  • Rail pressure gauge
  • Show current location / weather conditions
  • Advanced Tuning Section - users can increase or decrease injector duration by% via the mobile app Analysis graph

Data tec Icon