Diesel Smart has recognized that there is a need for a quality replacement intercooler at a good price for your Common Rail Nissan Patrol.  Diesel Smart has spent many days and hours of time on our DYNO and we have developed an intercooler that is a bar in plate design to offer you the most efficient type of intercooler for your Nissan Patrol. THIS INTERCOOLER WILL SUIT 2007-ON COMMON RAIL PATROL ONLY
The Diesel Smart Intercooler comes with an 8" automatic fan so when your doing slow work the fan will turn on and keep the intake air cooler.
Diesel Smart Intercoolers have thick tubes to allow for the most efficient air flow without causing any pressure drop.   Diesel Smart Intercoolers have a high surface area of cooling fins this means that you can be certain our intercoolers offer the most efficient heat transfer of any cooler on the market.  In our testing we found that the Diesel Smart Intercooler was more then 45% more efficient then the standard Nissan intercooler.  We also only use high quality tanks and not cheap replica tanks that can be porous and might not fit correctly. 
Diesel Smart intercoolers are pressure tested at 60 psi to ensure you get the quality you deserve. 
Buy a Diesel Smart Intercooler when you want the very best for your Nissan Patrol 

Diesel Smart Patrol Commonrail Intercooler

SKU: commoncool
  • Intercooler comes with all full plug n play wiring loom