Torque Master have put a huge amount of time and research into building a state of the art High Output variable vein turbo for maximum response through the midrange RPM and have come up with a combination to be able to give good response off the line.  The larger Centre cartridge enables us to be able to run much larger bearings and seals, larger exhaust turbine, GTX billet compressor wheel to give instant boost.  Torque Master pride themselves in using the highest quality products available in the world today.  Torque Master’s exhaust turbine wheels and variable vein systems have the highest content of Inconel available to give longevity to components of the turbo that are exposed to extreme temperatures.  All of Torque Master’s turbo’s are balanced using state of the art machines to allow the turbo’s to run much higher boost levels reliably.  After the new components have been selected then the rear exhaust housing is machined internally to allow for the larger VNT system and exhaust turbine wheel.  Retaining the original turbine housing allows for easy install and no need for exhaust manifold modification or requiring you to remake the exhaust manifold to suit the turbo.  The front compressor housing is reused and internally machined and polished to house the new larger GTX Billet compressor wheel this also allows for easy install to original factory components.  All new oil feed and return braided lines and fittings are also supplied with this kit.  Keeping in mind that the Torque Master Stage 3 Turbo is custom hand built and is designed to give you maximum response with maximum flow and the highest horse power output whilst still being a bolt on turbo kit which can push the original motor’s power above 100% of the original factory released power.  Torque Master’s Turbo’s are by far the most innovative aftermarket turbo’s on today’s market.

ZD30 Nissan Patrol Torque Master Turbo

  • Turbo is Hand Made wait is 3-5 weeks 


    The turbo is exchange